Hydraulic Services

“At Jem Design, our highly skilled teams of building services engineers provide professional, cost-effective hydraulic design solutions to projects of all sizes.”


From single family dwelling to multi-level apartments, hospitals and shopping centers, our designers have provided several design solutions in hydraulic plumbing services.

Whether you require hydraulic engineering expertise in a consultative manner, or you require complex schematics and system commissioning, Jem Design can deliver an engineering solution perfect for your needs.

Water, Gas & Sanitary Services

  • Backflow Prevention
  • Subsoil & Agricultural Drainage
  • Sanitary Drainage
  • Vacuum Drainage
  • Sewer Drainage & Plumbing
  • Water Reticulation System
  • Trade Waste System
  • Design of Green Plumbing Solution
  • Grey & Black Water Treatment
  • Tapware & Fixtures
  • Hot, Cold & Warm Water generation supply & piping system
  • Natural & LP Gas Systems
  • Temperature Control
  • Special Gases
  • Compressed Air


  • Storm Drainage
  • Rainwater Reuses Modeling and Design
  • Water Sentisitive Urban Design
  • Down pipes & Rain water heads
  • Roof drainage including siphonic drainage
  • On-site Detention System
  • Site Specific and Urban Flood Studies
  • Public Infrastructure Assesment
  • Urban Drainage and Overland Flow Design and Management
  • Bioretention swales & Basins Design
  • Modeling of Rain garden and Wetlands