Granny Flats

Are you considering a granny flat on your block of land? Do you need engineer plans before you can submit your designs to the council?

Look no further than Jem Design. Jem have an expert team of engineers ready to help assist you in getting your plans approved. With a fast turn around time many years of experience, your project will run smoothly.

Granny flats are categorised as a secondary dwelling or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). These are usually designed for one or two persons located on the grounds of a single family home – either attached or detached.

Granny flats have become popular because of its many uses and Jem Design can provide you with a design to suit your needs. Whether you need a simple design to use as additional dwelling for nannies or a complete  full-sized housing unit or a unit with specific features, you can trust us to deliver complete and customised solutions.



What are the requirements for building a granny flat?


Not everyone can build a granny flat in NSW. According to the Affordable Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) released by the NSW government in 2009, only residential homeowners who own a property larger than 450m2 are permitted to build a granny flat on their backyard. Also, applications no longer have to be approved by the Council as long as they meet the minimum Complying Development requirements.


What are the Complying Development requirements for granny flats?

1.Maximum 1 granny flat per lot

2.60m2 maximum floor area

3.Minimum 24m² courtyard space for the granny flat with an area of at least 4m wide

4.Additional requirements apply for lots in bushfire, flood affected or heritage area.

5.least 3m wide access handle required for Battle-Axe blocks

6.Off-street car parking for the granny flat is not required


Jem Design will handle your entire project in a professional manner – from drafting your initial design according to your needs, to ensuring all necessary approvals are managed efficiently, to hassle-free installation. Call us today to talk to one of our engineers.

Jem Design has a thorough understanding of the challenges each project entails and our goal is to deliver engineering solutions to make your subdivision project progress smoothly and efficiently.

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